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Catholic Television of San Antonio Presents the reality of
Eternal Truth!

This is truly “REALITY” Television. Television that unites, inspires, and reveals an authentically human experience. Since its inception, Catholic Television mission has been to present reality by providing an honest depiction of the promise of peace here and here-after. CTSA programming helps us in our search for the answers to life’s challenges, day after day. Catholic Television offers real healing for life’s pain, a real path to lasting happiness, a plan to discover the real treasure that is eternal. Every day Catholic Television is about transformation of lives, offering through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, an opportuSnity for the remodeling of our souls, instead of our out-of-date kitchens. Every day, CTSA shows you that even when “your final answer” is not correct, when the world’s false promises are shown to be counterfeit, that there is a loving God who is your life-line to forgiveness and peace.

Archbishop Gustavo García-Siller,

How You can "Make a Difference" in many lives!!

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For more information contact:
Gloria Johnson-Ramirez
Phone: (210) 734-1938 or email

You can buy hard to find merchandise, each with a purpose and a message!!

A video biography of
Archbishop Patrick F. Flores

Produced and directed by critically acclaimed filmmaker Hector Galan, this inspirational and compelling film captures the extraordinary life and legacy of America’s first Mexican American Catholic Bishop.

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CTSA Specials & Series

Whether it’s for your religious education class, RCIA, or your own personal collection, you can own CTSA’s locally produced programs, featuring: Archbishop Gomez, Father Virgil Elizondo, and many specials such as the Passion and "A Priest's Calling".

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